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September 22, 2020

New location for Barandun

Barandun AG is expanding

New location for Barandun

Barandun AG is expanding. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, it has been operating a second office in the heart of Zug since September 2018.

Not only are the premises at Bahnhofstrasse 29 new, but the range of services has also expanded considerably. In Zug, Barandun now maintains an international Notary Public’s office with services in the areas of corporate, matrimonial property and inheritance law. Barandun is thus reacting to the growing needs of its own clients and the increasing complexity of corporate law issues.

The head of the location in Zug is the new Barandun partner and Notary Public Christophe Raimondi. The opening of the new offices goes hand in hand with the change of name of the firm. Barandun von Graffenried became Barandun AG.